How do you share a digital business card

How do you Share a Digital Business Card?

It’s nothing unexpected that innovative digital business cards are rapidly supplanting their paper partners.  Digital Business Cards have various advantages, including the capacity to impart your contact information to anybody, anyplace, whenever.

On the off chance that you’re searching for a digital business card App, we strongly recommend utilizing ShareEcard to make and send digital business cards. They are affordable and even users can go for  a trial period to try out the experience. It’s a first-class digital business card application on the App Store and Google Play. The most amazing aspect? Anybody can share a ShareEcard digital business card, regardless of whether the other person have the App or not!

How can I share my digital business card?

To share your digital business card, you need to create it using any of the templates available on the ShareEcard website that you want to create. So just focus on creating the best digital business card design and we will explain how you can share the business card easily. 

# Share with QR code

Digital business cards offer an option for sharing with a QR code and if you want to do networking with someone then you can easily share your card with them. The other person just needs to take their phone and scan your QR code. Once you have scanned, your business card will appear on their phone’s screen. Now they can easily save your business card as a VCF, and the best thing is that your QR code will never expire.   So, you can keep that QR code on your smartphone or any other device.  QR code is always the primary way of sharing a digital business card with someone. Having a logo on your QR code is the most sustaining option for optimal branding.

# Share via Text or Email

Sharing your business card via Text or Email is also an easy task, users just need to open the card’s Send screen. Then, you will get the options of Text or Email option, just tap on any of them and enter the recipient details, and you are ready to go.

Another thing that you can do is to take a screenshot of your Digital business card and save it on your device. Now just open the Messaging option or Email on your smartphone and add the screenshot image. Then just add the details of the recipient and you are ready to share your business card with them. 

# Share via card link

Another option to share your business is to share via card link. You just need to copy the link of your card and can share it via email, text, and some other social media networks. In general, the sharing of business cards via link requires only if you are networking from a distance.  The card link makes it quite convenient to share anywhere because it provides you with a lot of options to share through any means of communication, so we found it as one of the best ways to share digital business cards. 

# Share it via Email Signature

Creating an Email Signature on your business card makes it look more professional. There are many options to choose the best email signature for your business card or you can also take the help of an email signature generator. This professional email signature can be easily linked to your business card and there will be a positive impact that can enhance your credibility in the market.

# Share the card’s QR code with a virtual background

We all know that today many people are working from home, as companies are promoting remote work for their employee’s convenience. So, next time you are in a meeting on Zoom, Google Meet, or any other platform, you can share your business card with QR code with a virtual background.

Virtual background foundations are perfect to utilize, as they look professional.  They conceal any foundation interruptions, and keep your home hidden. At the point when you make a virtual foundation, the foundation will connect to your digital business card, and a QR code will show up in the upper right corner. Anybody on the call can examine your QR code with their telephone and will be able see your digital business card.


These are the main ways of sharing Digital Business cards with anyone. We all know the importance of digital business cards and how they bring a change in the industry. Paper Business Cards are not preferred by professionals as much nowadays because they are not cost-effective and cannot be shared at a distance as well as not being sustainable.
Digital Business Cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere around the world. It is a perfect option for people who prefer a contactless approach. So, hopefully this article remains helpful for you. 

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