HiHello vs popl

HiHello Vs Popl

We all are aware of the recent up surge trend of Digital Business Cards and the many platforms available for creating Digital Business Cards. To enhance our business network and to build some new connections, business cards play a vital role, as it gives people an idea about your business presence and capabilities.

Since there are so many options available out there, choosing the best one is quite a challenging task. Help at on hand – here we are providing you with an in-depth comparison of Digital Business Cards creators, HiHello and Popl. So, here we go.

# Design

The first impression of your business card comes from the design of your cards. HiHello and Popl, both have different designs to attract users. HiHello comes with a modern design look while Popl comes with a traditional design.

HiHello has the main focus on your name and contact information, there is no clutter on their card. While Popl believes in adding more information such as Name, Address, Title, Company, and Logo. So, if you want a formal digital business card then Popl can be a good choice, as it covers every single piece of information about your business.

# Features

Both platforms have different features, let’s try to understand them individually.

HiHello allows users to add a photo and a logo to the business card so that people can easily recognize them. It is a great way to personalize your business card and make it memorable. Moreover, it also allows adding social media links to the business card, which will help in connecting people from different locations.  In addition, HiHello comes with a QR code feature through which people can easily get your contact information.

While if we talk about Popl then Popl mainly focuses on NFC features. NFC is mainly a technology that allows two devices to communicate with each other. NFC in Popl allows users to share their contact information, Name, address, etc.

To use the NFC feature, users need to go with an NFC-enabled device, which can be Smartphone, tablet, or PC. When a user with their NFC-enabled device taps on your card, they can access every piece of information. In general, Popl offers metal and paper business cards for the user’s convenience.

# Pricing

The pricing of HiHello and Popl are quite different because of the different features provided by them. HiHello comes with a free and paid plan. The free plan comes with some basic features and design options with some restrictions. While the paid plan comes with all the premium features. The paid plan of HiHello starts from $3 per month in which users will get some amazing features.

Popl has a bit different pricing plan, which is mainly based on how many cards you are buying. For a single business card, users need to pay up to $15 – $25 as per their needs. While if you are buying 10 cards then they will be available at $99 – $149. The more cards you buy, the cheaper rate you will get.

# Customization

If we talk about Customization options, then HiHello wins this race because it comes with various templates and designs to choose from. Moreover, HiHello also allows adding a logo and other photos to your digital business card. Users can also edit the information on the text at their convenience.

While Popl has limited Customization options and has few designs and templates. It doesn’t allow adding photos and logos on your business card. However, you are able to easily to insert the information that you want on your card.

# Ease of Use

Creating virtual business cards on HiHello is quite an easy task and users can create a business card in just a few minutes. The user interface of HiHello is intuitive and easy to navigate when compared with other digital business card apps.

Creating physical business cards Popl is also an easy task, there is a straightforward way to navigate the user interface. Users are allowed to create a business card or other NFC tags in just a few minutes.

# Support

HiHello has a good way of solving customer issues, as they have email support where users don’t need to download any app to get their queries solved. The email support is available for both free and paid plans, so users don’t have to face any issues. There is also a section of FAQs where you will get the answer to all the common questions.

Popl also has email support for the NFC cards and also a section of FAQs and tutorials to let people learn about basic things about creating and sharing business cards.


HiHello and Popl, both are premier options for creating a business card.   Both offer different features and pricing, so users can choose the best one as per their needs and preferences.

If you want a modern business card, then you should go with HiHello if you are looking for a traditional business card with an NFC feature then Popl can be the best choice for you.

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