HiHello vs Haystack

HiHello Vs Haystack

As we know, there are many virtual business card creators in the market and choosing the best one can be a challenging task. If you don’t have enough time to scroll through on the Internet to find the right one, then don’t worry, we will help you in choosing the best option for you.

In this article, we are providing you with a comparison between HiHello and Haystack. Today, people are switching to digital business cards because they can be shared easily and used all over the world. They are also an environment-friendly option and there is no need to print business cards again and again. Let’s explore the features of these two platforms.


HiHello logo

HiHello is a popular virtual business card-making platform that allows users to create and share business cards anywhere without any hassles. The main aim of this platform is to help people in growing their business networks. Users can easily scan physical business cards with this app and can manage contacts effectively. Let’s go a bit deeper in some of the popular features of this platform.

# Contactless Digital Business Cards

HiHello allows users to create Digital Business cards that can be easily shared with anyone. They are providing eco-friendly business cards that will be available on mobile and desktop whenever needed.

HiHello allows adding different types of information such as social media profiles, badges, URLs, etc. and everything is customizable and always up to date.

# Sharing

HiHello business cards can be easily shared with anyone, and the receiver doesn’t need to have any app to view a digital business card. The card can be easily shared via QR code, text, Email and NFC tag. Moreover, users are allowed to create links on their business cards.

# Manage Contacts with Address Book

HiHello also has a smart address book that will help to save all the latest information of the contacts. The contacts will be saved in chronological order and will also remind you to follow up. Users are allowed to add notes and tags of every contact and all the contacts can also be synced with the platforms such as Salesforce, Outlook, Google Contacts, Zapier, and some more.

# Scanner

HiHello comes with an in-built business card scanner that allows users to scan any card easily and then turn them into contacts.

# Virtual Background

While using the HiHello app, users can enhance their video meetings experience to the next level by adding a free and personalized background. The background will be linked to your business card, so whenever someone calls you, they will have complete access to your information.

# Email Signature

Email Signature is something new on the HiHello platform where users can create a professional email signature. There are multiple templates from which users can choose the best one and the signature generator allows the users to create an email signature that can be linked to their business card.

# Privacy

If we talk about HiHello’s privacy, then the user’s information is completely safe on this platform.


Haystack logo

Haystack is a popular platform that allows users to create and customize digital business cards by adding some colours. The platform has various templates to make the whole process easy. Users can share their business cards with anyone, anywhere without any hassles. Even, the receivers don’t need to download any app to access the information. Let’s explore further by understanding its features.

# Sharing options

The creation of a business card is an easy task on Haystack, although sharing can also be done very easily. Users can share their business cards via text, email, VCF, social media, and many more options.

# Scanner

Haystack also comes with an in-built scanner, so users can easily scan paper business cards and can save all the contact information in their database. Apart from that, if you are making any changes to your card, it will automatically update on other people’s devices.

# Environment-friendly

Haystack provides an environment-friendly option because there is no need for any paper card to create a business card. Nothing gets printed and so no paper is used at all. Furthermore, it also allows importing of VCF and VCard files. The contact you are adding can be backed up in the Cloud and no worries about losing data.

# Auto Brand

Haystack will help you to create a perfectly designed business card with various templates. Then the Auto Brand feature will make every one’s company’s business card consistent and perfectly branded.

# Privacy

The data of a user will be fully secured on this platform and the user’s privacy is their main priority. They will not sell your information to any third party.


That’s all we have about these two platforms, now you can make your decision by reviewing the features we have described. Overall, we found HiHello a better choice because of the more features and template availability. But it doesn’t mean that Haystack is not the best option, you also get a lots of features with Haystack.  Our conclusion based on experience is that HiHello has its neck slightly ahead of Haystack.

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