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Business Cards Scanner

ShareEcard App Includes a built-in paper business cards Scanner, sometimes also called a business cards manager or business card reader, to manage Sales Leads.

When you Receive paper business cards from others. What to do with them? Most people put them in their desk drawer or just throw them away. Nearly 90% of the paper cards are thrown away or lost within the first couple of weeks and these networking connections could be important sales leads for future potential business opportunities.

There are some card reader apps available where you can scan and save the cards – but most people find these Apps not that good or easy to use. Most importantly they are not hosted in a reputable country or company, so your sales contact details can be compromised.

Smart Management of the paper business cards that you Receive from others by digitizing them – you can scan and extract all the useful information and save them in your Smartphone. The ShareEcard App provides Tools to manage all your Received business cards by adding notes, setting reminders, quickly searching, tagging, etc.

What do you with the Paper business cards you receive from other? As 90% of paper business cards are thrown away. Unless they digitized, paper business cards are printed to be thrown away, it’s simple as that!

That’s one reason to use Digital Business Cards, which creates a “Digital Footprint”, as now nowadays the focus is on Digital Content to build a brand and create awareness. Paper business cards only create a “Carbon Footprint” and do not really fit in the Digital World that we live in, and the way we interact with others. Smartphones have become the default choice for communicating as well contact sharing.

So, what’s the best way to Digitize paper business cards? Of course, there are a number of Apps available on the market, some of them are free. What should you look for to choose the best Business Card Scanner App for you?

Business Card have important customer data, so its important to find an App that is hosted in country where you know this important customer information will not be compromised. The other important factor is the accuracy of the App after scanning the paper cards. If its 90% accurate, then it you are well. Finally, the ease of use.

With ShareEcard App you get both on one place: Your own uniquely designed Digital Business Cards, as well as a business cards scanner. ShareEcard is hosted in Switzerland and so your data is definitely safe and secure.