Digital Business Card App

Digital business cards are one of the best ways to promote your company, your brand and build your network, as well as create a better Customer Engagement experience, which boosts sales.

Everyone has a smartphone —including potential clients. That means that you have an opportunity to Share your digital business card in any situation: whether you’re at a business networking event or in a casual environment.

When you’re at a networking event, it’s easy to hand out paper business cards, but there are limitations as to the “Content” you can add on paper cards, such Social Media Profile Hyperlinks, Video links and Brochure links, etc. Also keep in mind nearly 90% of paper business cards get thrown away or lost.

Using digital business cards, you can Share your eCard whenever and wherever you want. You can customize it with all the necessary Digital Content,so that people will see exactly what your business is about and not only your contact details.

The best part about digital business cards is that they are Sustainable and contain Digital Content! With digital business cards from ShareEcard, all your information will be available right on your phone.

Digital business cards are the way of the future, and they are a very effective tool to showcase your brand as well as create “Digital Footprint”.

digital business card app

Need for Digital Business Card App

A digital business card app can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with a physical card. It’s an easy way for people to get the information they need about you and your company right on their phone.

The app allows the user to scan your QR code and instantly pull up any information they need: your website, social media accounts, email address, etc. The user can even store that information in their contact list so they don’t have to keep looking it up again and again.

If you are looking something extra in your digital business card app then you have a good news from ShareEcard. ShareEcard allows users to create Link in Bio feature for Free!

When you use ShareEcard as a Link in Bio tool, you make a digital business card that can include your branding, social media profiles, videos, and much more.

Allowing businesses and professionals to get more out of their social media, grow their following, and take control of how your content is discovered.

Leverage ShareEcard for your Digital Business Card and Link In Bio Needs.

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Benefits of digital business card

digital business card app - ShareEcard

Digital business cards are the new wave of professional networking. They’re fast, they’re easy, and they’re flexible—you can easily change your contact information on the fly if you move offices or get a new phone number.

We’ve all had those moments where we’ve run into someone who wants to connect with us at a later time and we can’t quite remember their name or how to find them again. Digital business cards eliminate this problem by capturing all of your info in one place, so you can always keep track of it.

And let’s face it: humans are visual creatures. We tend to remember things better when we see them written down, rather than when we hear about them. Digital business cards take advantage of this by making sure your contact info is easy for others to read and remember as well as being quick for you to share with anyone who wants it!

Digital business cards make it easy to share your contact information with new people and businesses. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting the name of someone you met: just add them as a friend on social media or send them an email!

Digital business cards can also be used as marketing tools. By adding links to your website, blog, or another online platform, you can increase brand awareness even further by making sure potential customers always know where they can find more information about your products or services.

How digital business card helps networking

Business cards are a great way to network, but they can be a hassle. You have to print them out and keep track of them—and then you have to carry them around with you everywhere you go. And if they’re digital business cards, there’s still some work involved: first, you have to decide which format works best for your needs; then you have to find a way to store the information once it’s been uploaded.

But now there’s another option: digital business cards that help you connect with other professionals on the go. They’re simple, easy-to-use pieces of software that let you store contact information in one place and share it with anyone who has an Internet connection.

Digital business cards are great for networking because they allow you to keep track of your contacts without having to carry around physical cards or even remember where or how much space is available on your phone or tablet. And since most people already have access to mobile devices, there’s no need for expensive hardware like printers or scanners when creating or accessing these types of virtual cards.

How digital business cards help in branding

Digital business cards are a great way to keep your brand consistent across all mediums. While traditional business cards are still popular, they have limitations such as the size of the card, and how you can use it to advertise your brand. Digital business cards allow you to create a single image that can be used in multiple ways. For example, if you want to make an ad for your company, digital business cards can help you create an image that looks professional and high quality without having to hire expensive graphic designers.

Digital business cards also give you more control over how you want your information displayed. With traditional business cards, there are only so many options available for what goes on the front of them or how large they should be printed on paper. With digital business cards however, there are no limits on how much information can be displayed at once or even how long it should take people viewing it on their device screens before scrolling through more information about themselves as needed!

People are using digital business cards very effectively for branding purpose. There are some popular digital business card solutions available like HiHello, ShareEcard and Popl which are highly good and popular in the market. Three of them have their own use and if you want to know which is best suitable for your work then here’s an article that compares HiHello Vs Popl Vs ShareEcard.

Why should people use electronic business card

Electronic business cards are a great way to promote your business, but they have their downsides as well. Here are some reasons why you should consider using electronic business cards.

1. They’re easy to make

Electronic business cards are very easy to make, and if you don’t have the skills or resources to create them by hand, there are plenty of applications that will allow you to design and print them for free. This means that anyone can use them effectively, regardless of their level of expertise with technology or design.

2. They’re easy to share

One of the best things about electronic business cards is that they can be shared easily online and through social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. You don’t need any special software or hardware; just scan or take a picture of the card with your smartphone camera and post it on social media or email it directly from your device (if it’s compatible with the format). This makes it much easier than picking up business cards on-the-go at events!

3. They’re environmentally friendly

Printing physical business cards uses materials like paper, ink and plastic that aren’t always recyclable—and if they aren’t thrown away properly by businesses owners

How online visiting cards can help to save the environment

Online visiting cards are the future of the business world. They can save your company money and help to preserve the environment at the same time. Why? Because they eliminate waste! Traditional paper visiting cards are usually printed on paper that is made from trees, which means that every time you make a card, you’re creating more waste in the world. That’s not good for anyone—not for animals or humans.

But online visiting cards have no impact on our environment because they’re digital! You can use them over and over again until you run out of them, and then you can simply delete them from your device. This means that instead of using one piece of paper for each card, you’ll only use one piece of space on your hard drive—saving trees from being cut down just so that people can give out their contact information in person (and also saving tons of money for companies who don’t need to buy ink or paper).

If you’re concerned about going green but aren’t sure how to implement changes in your company’s workflow, try starting small and implementing an online visiting card system today!

How digital business cards are better than paper business cards

Digital business cards are more versatile than traditional paper business cards.

They’re easier to distribute, and they’re easier to update

Digital business cards are much easier to distribute than paper ones. You can send them via email, text message, or social media. Paper business cards need to be mailed or handed over in person, which is more time-consuming.

If you need to update your digital business card—say you move offices or change your company name—you can just send out a new email with the updated information. With paper business cards, you have to print up new cards and distribute them in person or mail them out yourself.

Digital business cards also allow for better branding because they can include videos, images, links and other multimedia elements that give potential customers a fuller picture of who you are and what you do.

With paper business cards, there’s no way for people to get a sense of who you are and what you offer beyond what’s written on the card itself (unless they really look closely).

Business Card Redesign

Business cards are a great way to make a good first impression and help you network. They should be professional and easy to read, though, so that people can easily get your contact information. They should also be easy to carry around with your phone or wallet and easy to find when you need it most: in the middle of a networking event or coffee date with someone new!

In addition to being professional, business cards should also be shareable—they shouldn’t require too much effort or time on the part of whoever receives them. A good business card app will allow users quick access via their phones’ cameras so they can take pictures at any time without having to worry about bringing along paper products like notepads or pens/pencils (which often run out anyway). Plus, if the app allows you write directly on top of photos taken by other users where relevant then even better – no more struggling through text messaging conversations trying figure out what something means because someone forgot how these symbols work :-).

There are many ways to improve business card etiquette.

In our increasingly digital world, business cards have come to be viewed as an outdated relic of the past. But it’s not so! In fact, they are still very relevant and useful in today’s society.

Online business card apps can help you be more professional and make connections with people who may be helpful to you in your career or business endeavors. These applications are also great for networking if you’re looking to start a new job or get involved with a professional organization or club. In addition, they allow people to share their contact information easily without having to awkwardly hand over paper copies of their personal details (which can easily get lost). Plus, online programs will let users edit their profiles whenever necessary—so if there are any changes made at work or home addresses/phone numbers/email addresses/etc., it’s easy enough just log onto the app itself instead of remembering what was on those pieces paper when last updated!

Is it good to go with online business card apps?

While they do have their uses, we’d recommend that you still try to use traditional cards whenever possible depending on the business setting and culture. They are still more accepted in society and versatile than digital ones.  However, if you can get your hands on some online business cards, then all the better!

What Is a Digital Business Card and How Do They Work? 

A digital business card, also known as an electronic or virtual business card, is a way to share and save contact information in real-time quickly. They are customized with your unique branding and other contact details. 

You can easily share it with the recipient using: QR Code, or Email, or SMS, as well as Social Media platforms.

Some free digital business card apps require the recipient to have the same app, but others allow you to share your contact information without being dependent on the mobile app. 

Why Do I Need a Virtual Business Card? 

Digital business cards are a great way to move your brand forward. In this digital era, your virtual business card will enhance your networking interactions and demonstrate to others that you are into digital innovation and keeping up with the times.

Why the use of electronic business card is beneficial for quick networking online

If you are looking for a way to improve your networking, then electronic business cards are a good option. They are easy to use and can help you to reach out to others quickly and easily. In this article, we will discuss why the use of electronic business card is beneficial for quick networking online:

An electronic business card helps in quick networking online from anywhere.

With the help of an electronic business card, you can connect with people and share your contact details from anywhere. You can also use it to share information about yourself and your business.

The use of a virtual business card enables one to build relationships at a faster pace than physically handing over a piece of paper or emailing someone. It makes it easier for others to get in touch with you when they want something done such as marketing purposes or just simple networking activities.

It holds a lot of information about you and your business.

Electronic business cards can hold a lot of information about you and your business. You can include links to your website and social media accounts, a video of you talking about your business, an email address, and more. This makes it easy for people to learn more about you without having to ask.

You can store all your important details in it.

A business card is a personal and professional tool. It helps you connect with others, as well as keep track of your important contact information. In today’s world where people are constantly on the move, it’s important to have a digital business card that can be accessed anywhere and at any time.

The first step toward getting started with an electronic business card is choosing the right software for your needs. There are several options available including:

  • ShareEcard
  • HiHello
  • Beaconstac
  • Blinq

An electronic business card is better for the environment.

The use of electronic business cards is beneficial for the environment in a number of ways.

  • There is no paper used in an electronic business card.
  • No printing is required for an electronic business card.
  • No waste is produced from an electronic business card, since you are keeping it on your computer and can delete it at any time if you want to change it.
  • Trees are not cut down to produce the paper used in traditional business cards, so this helps prevent deforestation as well as global warming and climate change.
  • Water and chemicals are not required to make traditional printed copies of your information, and so there’s less pollution entering our ecosystem when you choose this option over one requiring physical copies.”

An electronic business card is very easy to share.

The good news is that an electronic business card can be shared with anyone you want through the use of email or social media. If you need to send it to a colleague, friend or connection, all you have to do is copy and paste the URL from your browser into an email message. This makes it easy for them to find and add themselves on LinkedIn too!

An electronic business card does not require any printing cost or material cost.

Another advantage of electronic business cards is that you don’t have to worry about printing cost or material cost. Electronic business card does not require any paper, ink, and other materials. You will not have to carry those heavy files in your pocket or bag unnecessarily. And there is no need to store them anywhere either because they are stored in your phone itself!

You will not have to worry about your business card getting lost because it is stored in the cloud or on your email account. Even if it accidentally gets damaged by some accident or another, then also there is no need to worry because all of the data related with this business card is backed up somewhere else which can be used anytime whenever required without taking any extra effort from us whatsoever.

An electronic business card is a good way to network with others quickly and effectively.

An electronic business card is a good way to network with others quickly and effectively. It’s easy to use, share and store. Also, it’s not expensive, environmentally friendly and you can customize it easily.

It is important to use e-cards in your business because they are able to offer you many benefits that physical cards cannot. These include:

  • They can be shared electronically easily
  • They can be stored electronically easily
  • They don’t take up any space collecting dust in your office or home

Why use electronic business cards?

All people, and even more – business, are overgrown with profiles on social networks, instant messengers, sites and etc. All this is simply impossible to fit on a paper business card and maintain up to date. So what to do?

How to give a people more information about you at one time – by using a Digital Business Card.

A digital business card combines all the information that you consider necessary to convey on one page. It may contain:

  • Logo
  • Your photo
  • Photo gallery
  • Contact information
  • Social media profiles
  • Instant messengers
  • Promo video
  • Profile
  • Product / Service Description
  • QR code
  • LinkedIn profile